The 2016-2017 FC Bayern Munich Home Kit: Yay or Nay?


Freshly pressed from the official Facebook page of Bayern Munich

Several thoughts about the kit:

  • The shirt is red so it’s good as it lives up to “Die Roten”.
  • Hmmm not sure about the collar? It looks like it is serving two purposes. First, as a “sweat absorber”. Second, as something that can be worn at work as long as the dress code is smart casual. Seriously! See, Grandpa Xabi, Daddy Arjen, Daddy Franck and Daddy Fips might want to consider getting an eight to five job pretty soon. Look below:

Xabi Alonso wearing the new shirt and this guy who wears smart casual for a lenient work day. Possible right? Well played Adidas, well played! Grandpa Xabi looks like a Team Leader wearing that to work.

  • Of course there are differences but… aren’t Bayern Munich’s kits quite similar with FC Barcelona’s and Manchester United’s?

Clockwise from L to R: Bayern’s and Barcelona’s 2014-2015 shirts. Bayern’s 2016-2017 shirt and Manchester United’s 2013-2014. What’s next? A notoriously striped shirt like the Old Lady’s?

So there… what is your take on the new kit? Yay or nay? Why?

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