FC Bayern Munich is Domestic Double winner + welcome back Mats Hummels

What a week!

From an exhausting penalty shootout for a Pokal victory, a fun celebration in Munich to the signing of Bayern Academy alum Mats Hummels — welcome to the world of Die Roten!

Have you watched the DFB Pokal match between Bayern and Dortmund? What can you say about this?


image from Metro.co.uk

Apparently, some Dortmund fans burned Hummels’ jersey. Eventually, cool kid David Alaba celebrated the win with a… yup! Fire extinguisher! Binato ka ng bato, batuhin mo ng tinapay, right?


Image from Getty

A bit of a fast forward, May 22nd around 3 PM German time.

Marienplatz FTW!

Of course, no Bayern celebration is complete without going to the city center. Three conclusions from the double celebration:

  1. Philipp Lahm (FIPS!) is one white, nerdy, soon-to-be stage father once little Julian steps into his niche.
  2. Robert Lewandowski has the moves pretty similar to a male stripper.
  3. Thomas Mueller has a secret ambition of representing Germany in the Eurovision.
  4. It is no secret ambition that Thomas Mueller wants to steal the job of Stephan Lehmann.

Here is the full video of the celebration, just…please pardon the annoying commentator trying to translate everything in English. We get it, we get it! Not everyone knows Deutsch but come on, you are just killing the fun, dude.

Embedding the clip below. Start on 50:02 where Thomas was absolutely enjoying himself with his quasi emcee duties (thus conclusion #4). We say it in Filipino: buti hindi napikon yung dalawang inasar! Referring to Serdar Tasci (Türkisch? Shikitum-shikitum-shikitum) and the seemingly reserved Mehdi Benatia (Arabisch? mumbles non-sense).

Okay a bit more fast forward.

These GIFs are from Tumblr user ThomasLewandowski and the exact post is found here:


With Bayern big boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge


…that kind of happy

Saying goodbye to Dortmund was difficult for me of course. It was similar to 2008, when it was the other way around. – Mats Hummels, after signing a five year contract with the German giants (2016) x

That quote says it all, we guess? Bitter-bitteran kasi itong si Mats, obvious naman.

What are your expectations this coming 2016-2017 season, Mia San Manila followers?

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