FC Bayern Munich Chants + Songs

Going to the Allianz Arena if you are an opponent is a pleasurable, proud feeling as you will be playing against one of the strongest, consistent football clubs in the world. On the flip-side, in a spell-binding arena like this, a possibility of getting slaughtered awaits — defeat is imminent.

On one side, it is an absolute treat, a delight of great heights if you come here as a supporter.

With that said, Mia San Manila compiled a few chants and songs you most probably hear during matches but get you quite clueless of. Like any ardent fan, find time to “study” the chants and songs and be ready for a promising 2016-2017 season!


This is the Spotify account to search for the chants.

Singen und Tanzen (Sing and Dance) – an absolutely catchy chant. It might entail or it does entail a lot of jumping though (you have been warned!). Imagine a rowdy Thomas Mueller leading the pack. Listen here.

Bayern Echos – a game of intimidation. Come, hop in and make yourself comfortable weakening the opponent. Listen here.

Schieß Ein Tor (Score a Goal) – either to equalize, win or slay the opponent, every Bayern fan should know this chant. It’s like sending out a dear request to the players. Listen here.

Seven Nation Army (Oh oh oh) – did Lewy just score? did Thomas just score? did Robben just score? did Ribery just score? Maybe Manu just scored?! Whoever it is, every goal deserves some oh oh oh! Do you agree that this chant is the Allianz equivalent of “party?” Listen here.

Bayern – a laid back chant that even a drunk tambay sa kanto can do! Listen here.

München Schalala – another chant meant for jumping up and down the stadium. Not for the prissy okay? It takes some grit and some fun, got the combination? Listen here.

Bayern Bayern – Bayeeeeeeeeern!!! Bayeeeeeeeeern!!! Bayeeeeeeeeern!!! (repeat until the ground opens and eats the other club). Listen here.

Deutscher Fußballmeister FCB – well this is how Bayern rolls. A perky song that will surely appeal even to young children. Go and grab your hairbrush and start practicing it in front of the mirror. Here’s a fan made video:

FC Bayern Forever Number One – this is a mellow song that you will usually hear before a match starts. In Champions League, it is common to hear it as background song when the commentators give a rundown of statistics and stadium attendance. Here is a clip from the official YouTube page of FCB. Glow sticks in please:

Stern des Südens (Star of the South) – despite the intro sounding like an anime soundtrack, no match is concluded without this being played. Take note, FC Bayern accepts clips coming from supporters and compile them under “Fan Voices”! Just like this one, in time for Oktoberfest so feast on the drindl and lederhosen!

Otherwise you can check out the “original radio version”:

Mia San Manila fans, if you find courage to join Fan Voices please let us know and we will definitely have the video shared!

Ahhh, being a Bayern fan is always a wonderful, wonderful thing…

Source (chants): Fanchants

Album for purchase: x

PS as much as we want to embed the chants here, we regret that the links are broken so please click on the individual links provided instead, thank you.



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