Mia San Manila is now an official FC Bayern Munich international fan club!

 20160610_Keep Calm_v3

The date is 09/06/2016 like how the Germans (Bavarians!) write it.
It is official!
Mia San Manila is now an official FC Bayern Munich fan club in the Philippines!
We could not have done it without you guys!

This late dinner was packed with too much football talk  (and great food). Madam Chairman Lopez doing some of the “dirty work”

A month of preparation finally paid off! The official website may be far from being considered final but we definitely are in it.
Yes, there are three recognized FC Bayern Munich fan clubs in the Philippines BUT from Bayern’s database, only Mia San Manila has a complete fan club profile — from the chairperson’s name, fan club address, a special mobile number only for our fan club (yes, that is not Ms. Lopez’s personal mobile number) and an official website!
Aside from that, Mia San Manila can also be found on Facebook (a page and a group), Twitter, GMail and Tumblr. Soon, we will be establishing our own YouTube channel too!
Something to make you feel extra good today as well:
We searched the website for the Top 10 football clubs in the world for 2015. The list we used on this article was released by Talksport based on the clubs’ revenue for the said year. From these top clubs, we looked for official/recognized fan clubs from the Philippines and here’s what we found (as of this writing, 09 June 2016):
10. Juventus – N/A; you have to personally sign for membership/website does not provide a list – if you are a recognized/official Juventus fan club in the Philippines please let us know so we can credit you on this article.
9. Liverpool – none
8. Arsenal – Yes! In fact, Arsenal Philippines gets to be featured on the main Arsenal Facebook
7. Chelsea – none
6. Manchester City – none
5. Paris St. Germain – none
4. Barcelona – none
3. Bayern Munich – YEEEESSSSSSSS!!!
2. Manchester United – none
1. Real Madrid – search for “Filipinas” here.
To support one club is one great thing but to unite fellow supporters is another. 
Mia San Manila has only just begun, we hope for your continued and unwavering support. Let us look forward to bigger and better things to come for our local fan club.
Again as what we say on the Facebook group: Ang hindi magparamdam, iwan sa meet and greet.

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