One Bayern Love: The first Mia San Manila Meet Up, Project Pie SM North EDSA


From L to R: Love, yours truly, Jane, Guia and Lance.


At Project Pie SM North EDSA, 29 October 2016.

By C.A.M. Javier

It’s not easy being a football fan in the Philippines. We posted something about it months ago and if text is insufficient, go feel it yourself. Try babbling about some random football tidbit in front of your colleagues or classmates and you will find them partly gaping in puzzlement with eyes wide open (or nearly squinting) and you could read the invisible thought bubble in their heads: what on Earth is this creature talking about?

In a nation full of basketball die hard fans, it is a blessing to meet people who share a common love for football let alone, one love for a football club that embodies excellence, has a rich history and fosters an atmosphere of camaraderie and efficiency.

We are One Bayern Family and this is Mia San Manila’s first meet up!


Jane, look at the camera!

Viewing Party Fail. Love and I have been planning to hold a viewing party since Bayern gave us an “official” status.  Of course, that is the most logical thing to do, right? To plan for a viewing party. Sadly, options were not always on our side. I told you, it is pretty challenging being a football fan in the Philippines. First, we are only limited to Bundesliga games. Champions League is no longer shown on local cable channels (sucks big time, eh?). Second, most establishments close at 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM and the “big” Bundesliga matches start around past midnight Manila time. If, for example, a match starts around 12 AM and the restaurant closes at  2 AM, how can we talk after? Obviously we would send ourselves out of the premises hurriedly and look for another place. Whew! Third challenge is the location and time. The venue we have been eyeing since day one does not host Bundesliga matches so we had to go to a different venue which is farther* from where most of the members live. Then insert the time element of such unholy hours in the busiest of streets in the Metro.

Resolution? Lunch time! There was one post on our Facebook group that caught our attention. Apparently, the gang is cool with a simple, first meet up! Even lunch will do! Thus, two surveys were launched. First for the date, time and area (North/Quezon City, East/Ortigas, South/Makati) and the second one for the exact venue. Obviously, the “winning combination” was October 29th 2016, noon at Project Pie SM North EDSA.

Attendance. The invite was finalized 10 days after casting their votes. At first there were eight confirmed attendees that ended in half. To add, some who initially voted “might join” ended up canceling because of some events that came up. With a window of almost two weeks, things like a cancellation and/or a last minute confirmation are expected. Speaking of the latter, Lance confirmed his attendance perhaps an hour before the meet up. Lovely!

Activities. So everything’s set — there’s a venue, a time, a date — now what? What could be missing? Of course, the first time should be memorable so instead of just sitting there and chatting away while munching on some good pizza, we decided to hold two activities for the attendees. Fast Talk (yup! Boy Abunda inspired minus the flying index cards) and Get to Know you Bingo. In case you are clueless about Fast Talk, you can check a sample here and here. For this, since there are at least two participants, we used meta cards and the participants had to answer as far as they could (sample questions: Huhulihin ka ng pulis, ano ang kaso mo? Kung sakit ka ano ka? Chemistry or Physics? Robben or Ribery?). As for the Get to Know you Bingo, we asked them to prepare 24 categorical questions. If the Q applies, write the name in the Bingo card. The card with the most number of names win. Sample questions: (who) can name all the five members of One Direction, (who) was born outside the Philippines, (who) has cheated on someone, (who) was cheated on by someone. Ha! And there were some revelations about the “cheating” part. Hep hep hep! What happens in Project Pie stays in Project Pie.

In the succeeding sections, feel free to click the pictures to see the full sizes and the corresponding captions.

Wait, there’s more. A first meet up will not be complete without these very cute giveaways courtesy of the one and only Love Lopez! The designs are all approved by FC Bayern Munich’s marketing team and are reproduced under regulated amounts meaning these are limited edition freebies. Yes, our Chairperson is really fantastic.

Until the next Mia San Manila meet up! To those who were able to make time for the event, thank you so much!


*Lance tweeted Love and he will help in organizing the viewing party in this branch sometime soon. Stoked!

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