One Bayern Love: Mia San Manila’s first viewing party at Team Insider Sports Bar, FC Bayern Munich vs. RB Leipzig 3-0


Ladies’ night: Love, yours truly and Mariel at Team Insider’s Bar, 22 December 2016

By C.A.M. Javier

It started with this:


One of our Pinoy Bavarians, Mariel (or shall I say Prof. Asiddao) asking if a viewing party is plausible. Of course, the ever hands on mother of Mia San Manila (Love) contacted a few establishments to inquire about it. An unexpected reply came from Howzat Makati around noon of December 21st.

Apparently, its sister branch, Team Insider is open 24 hours and could accommodate the viewing request.

I received a crazy call from Love that afternoon. Good kind of crazy (but those five missed calls are a bit alarming) and the conversation went something like this:

Love: Pwede ka?

Cha: Ha? Saan? Kailan?

Love: Mamaya, nood tayo ng Bayern, 3:00 AM yung match sa Makati. 

Cha: Whaaattttt?!!!! E Christmas Party namin bukas, sasayaw pa ako ng Footloose! (other thoughts inside my head: magpapakulay pa ako ng hair, papamanicure pa ako, maghahanap pa ako ng plaid shirt waaahhh!).

Love: Nagulat din ako e, nagreply sa message ko. Baba ko lang gamit ko tapos kuha ng isang bag tapos alis na ulit.

Cha: Uhmmm… O-kaayyy??? What time tayo magmeet?

Love: Ah…

Cha: Kung three yung match siguro kahit 1:30 pwede na ‘yun.

Love: Sige…Whoaaaa, wala na itong tulugan! Sasabihan ko na si Mariel…

Yes, it was that insane.

*Fast forward, 2 AM December 22nd*

The place is located at the ground floor of Red Planet Hotel in Makati City. Well, we got really lucky that there were only a few customers (including a seemingly “heartbroken” bloke sitting on the bar stool) that time, with the music of Heart and Roxette played one after the other (a combo of Alone and Listen to your Heart, anyone?).

At first there was a slight issue with the communication sent by Howzat, Insider’s manager and Love but everything was fixed in very cordial terms. Apparently, Howzat closes at 2 AM and they referred us to Insider but Insider did not know of this at all! Hence, the TV was tuned in to ice hockey and there was Alone at the background.

Anyway, despite this tiny boo boo, we had three TV sets tuned in to Bundesliga with all the proper match commentaries on (sorry glam rock, you have to wait!). After a few minutes, Mr. Heartbroken left his seat and we three transferred to the counter to fully enjoy the match.

The game did not disappoint. At first it was really difficult for Bayern as Leipzig was pretty persistent and had the speed but after the Spanish combo of Thiago and Xabi the energy seemed to dwindle. The first half was sealed by a penalty kick delivered by dad-to-be Bobek.

The scoreline could have been higher than that — could have been six really!

FT: Bayern Munich 3 – 0 Leipzig

It was a great experience by the way — the place is good and we cannot wait to bring the other Pinoy Bavarians there to watch a match.


Top of the table over the winter break!


Prost! Looking forward to more activities for Filipino Bayern fans this 2017!!!

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