From treble glory to (shaky) domestic trophy: ladies and gentlemen, the story of FC Bayern Munich’s 2016-2017 season


The photo says it all. Credits here.

For Asian fans like the Mia San Manila family, waking up to a 2-3 scoreline in favor of Borussia Dortmund leaves a bitter taste in the mouth for the rest of the day that no tapsilog and hot coffee can ever shut. Losing to the boys from North Rhine-Westphalia means that Bayern is only gunning for one silverware come June which is the Bundesliga. As of this writing, the Bavarians are eight points clear at the top of the table followed by Liepzig, Dortmund and Hoffenheim respectively.

With a very strong and promising start with a new manager (by the name Carlo Ancelotti, three time UCL winner) at the helm, plus two signings over the break (comeback kid Mats Hummels and Portuguese boy wonder Renato Sanches) why has everything come down to:

  1. A terrible five straight game slip — April 13th Real Madrid (L) for UCL, April 15th Bayer Leverkusen (D) for Bundesliga,  April 19th Real Madrid (L) for UCL, April 22nd Mainz 05 (D) for Bundesliga and April 27th Dortmund (L) for the DFB-Pokal.
  2. Elimination from the Champions League Quarterfinal stage (yeah, that officiating was horrible but it is already a done deal, no option but to move forward).
  3. Elimination from the German Cup.

On the official group page of Mia San Manila, we asked what went wrong and what could have Bayern done better and we have come up with these answers:

Demoralized spirits. We all know what happened in Madrid. The first game was such an embarrassment but the second game was a painful one and everyone can see how much energy and heart were put on the pitch despite 10 men. Winning is a good feeling and losing takes anyone at a whole kind of low. No wonder.

Robert Lewandowski needs another partner striker. With German talisman Thomas Mueller completely gone missing this season er, missing in action this season, it is clear that our boy Bobek needs some kind of reinforcement to provide goals for Bayern. Have you read the news lately? Alexis Sanchez is a name that has surfaced to play with Die Roten this coming season. With that persistence and heart for creating chances and delivering goals…why not?!

Injuries. Yup, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Bayern Munich. #nofurtherexplanationneeded

Poor rotation policy. It seems that Don Carlo’s “direct approach to football” has gone overboard as young, dependable and rising talents have not given much play time (e.g. Kingsley Coman, Douglas Costa, Renato Sanches, Joshua Kimmich). Yes, the classic Arjen Robben – Franck Ribery (Robbery) tandem never gets out of style but let us be realistic that Arjen is 33 and Franck is 34 and those legs and stamina would no longer be as fierce as they were 10 or nine or eight or seven years ago.

Don Carlo must get a grip. One of the Pinoy Bavarians named Diana wrote: Then, there’s this certain vibe I’ve been getting from Coach Carlo (or, maybe it’s just me), where I feel he’s trying to mold Bayern in the guise of his former clubs…I mean, with Coach Pep, you could certainly see that ‘the boy might have left Barcelona, but you could never ever remove Barcelona from the boy,’ so to speak. But, with Coach Carlo…I don’t know! It’s like he’s baffled and confused as to how he should properly handle a club like Bayern. I know he’s a good man, a gentleman even, but… *sigh* The way he did things in Italy and England might not be appropriate or fitting in Germany at all

Get a replacement who is as good as Matthias Sammer, Sporting Director. As a sporting director, Sammer was responsible for the professional playing staff of the club. Well, how good is Matthias Sammer you asked? Under his tenure he was able to help form a team that won the epic 2012-2013 treble.

Same questions to end this article:



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