Calling all Pinoy Bavarians who are going to the Audi summer tour


An organizer from FC Bayern Singapore emailed us, asking how many Pinoy Bavarians are coming over to his country to see Bayern.

He is inviting the attendees for a football tournament amongst all FC Bayern official fan clubs across Asia.

In fact, here are the confirmed participants:

1. FCB Singapore
2. FCB Malaysia
3. FCB Indonesia
4. FCB Thailand
5. Die Roten – Malaysia
6. SBI – Indonesia
7. Red Kangaroos Australia

No fees, you just have to be a member of a recognized fan club — yup, that’s us!

The competition among the fan clubs will be on July 26th. The photo attached is the venue reserved by FC Bayern Munich — The Padang.

Mia San Manila will need: Six outfield players + Three reserves + One team manager for a 15-minute game time.

Attendees to the SG event, please feel free to talk among yourselves and send Mia San Manila a message once you have come up with a formidable squad.

The organizer is just waiting for one confirmation that will come either from Hong Kong, Taiwan or us. Hope we get the last slot.

We hope there are interested members! Philippines, represent!


Mia San Manila

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