Mia San Manila is an official FC Bayern Munich (international) fan club based in Manila, Philippines.

Officially conceptualized on 02 May 2016, two days before the UEFA Champions League semi-final clash between Atletico Madrid at the Allianz Arena, this organization aims to take red passion on a different high among its loyal Philippine based supporters (yes, regardless if it’s a full blooded Filipino, overseas Filipinos, half Filipino or an expatriate). The dilemma of the expats would and could be finding that striking balance between themselves and the locals while for the Pinoy fans, looking for a perfect platform that does not “intimidate” — maybe some of the known Philippine based Bayern fan clubs are run by a circle of expats and we know Pinoy culture, right? Mahiyain/polite much!

Mia San Manila is created exactly to bridge these gaps. To add, our long term goal is to extend our presence throughout Asia. It’s like automatically thinking of Mia San Manila as the fan club of the region. We are #oneBayernfamily

This fan club envisions respect and camaraderie among supporters without sacrificing the spirit of fun. After all, this is the perfect avenue to cultivate genuine friendship and network. With that said, live viewingactivities and contests are definitely part of the whole fan experience.

The official website of Mia San Manila contains updates, a list of our online whereabouts and of course, blog posts. An observation that the administrators of this fan club noticed is the lack of “human touch” on other fan club websites. As such, Mia San Manila leaves the technicalities and the analysis (the formation should be 4-4- 2-1 with Neuer as the new defensive midfielder) to ESPN and Fox Sports – this is a site where each fan’s thought matters. Yes! Supporters are welcome to pitch in article/s! How? See the FAQ page.

Alle für die Liebe des FC Bayern, unser Deutscher Meister!