One Bayern Love: The first Mia San Manila Meet Up, Project Pie SM North EDSA


From L to R: Love, yours truly, Jane, Guia and Lance.


At Project Pie SM North EDSA, 29 October 2016.

By C.A.M. Javier

It’s not easy being a football fan in the Philippines. We posted something about it months ago and if text is insufficient, go feel it yourself. Try babbling about some random football tidbit in front of your colleagues or classmates and you will find them partly gaping in puzzlement with eyes wide open (or nearly squinting) and you could read the invisible thought bubble in their heads: what on Earth is this creature talking about?

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What is your Bayern story?**

In history books, we read that Spain colonized the Philippines for three reasons: God, gold and glory. God to spread Christianity; gold for the riches of the spell-binding archipelago; glory to show her sisters in Europe (the Dutch, French, English and the Portuguese) that she had likewise conquered the Far East.

FC Bayern Munich is one of the biggest and influential clubs in the world for three reasons too (because, apparently, it comes in three’s): silverware, support, and sponsor.

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