Q: Why Mia San Manila?

A: It is obviously a play on words, thanks to one of the fan club’s chairperson. Mia San Mia (Bavarian for we are who we are) is Bayern’s battle cry and the capital of the Philippines is Manila. Admit that there is a nice ring to it and it’s easy to tag (@miasanmanila) and hashtag (#miasanmanila) and the rest is history!

Q: I like the Beginner’s Guide posts. How can I request for one? Actually, how can I request for an article to be written by you, Mia San Manila?

A: First off, thank you for liking “Beginner’s Guide.” Remember, we are rad like that. Second, it’s also the same process as pitching for an article. Please send your requests to miasanmanila@gmail.com or fill out the form on the “Contact” page.

Q: Can I contribute to Mia San Manila by submitting an article or fan art?

One of Mia San Manila’s goals is to involve all our supporters so yes, we are accepting submissions! We shall post your article or fan art across our social networks: Here on the official website, on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. This is a very good example of an article submitted by one of our Pinoy Bavarians.

You may send your entries here: miasanmanila@gmail.com again it’s miasanmanila <at> gmail<dot>com.

Please include a short and interesting introduction (100 to 200 words) about yourself (name, interests, what you do for a living, hobbies, how long have you been a Bayern fan, your social network whereabouts etc) so the other Bayern fans can get to know you.

To add:


Q: I am a new fan, where can I watch FC Bayern Munich matches here in the Philippines?

A: Of course, the Bundesliga can be watched on Fox Sports cable TV (please check out your channels listing). Otherwise, to be safe, both the Bundesliga and the Champions League can be watched via livestream (we decided not to paste links because some sites are being deactivated and might just ruin your sporting experience — better check online at least 10 minutes before the match). You may also want to frequent bars and cafes that show live football matches. This article from Spot.Ph might help. In addition though, Mia San Manila frequents Team Insider Sports Bar in Kalayaan Avenue, Makati and Brotzeit in their Ortigas, Mandaluyong and BGC, Taguig branches.


Mia San Manila stickers given to Team Insider with a personal touch from the football club officers.


On the wall with Arsenal Philippines at Team Insider. Yup, MSM is fan club goals.


Live viewing in Brotzeit Ortigas


From the official Instagram account of BrotzeitPH

Q: I started supporting Bayern recently. When are the matches of Bayern usually aired here in the country?

A: Good question and good choice of a football club. For domestic league matches (Bundesliga) you may visit this site http://schedule.bundesliga.com/ and for the UEFA Champions League (European big shots here! An absolute must watch especially for starters) you may check the schedule here http://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/ under the “Matches” section (top part of the page). Please make sure to convert it to local time if the website does not have a converter.

Q: What? Does that mean the matches air here late?!

A: Yes! And that makes us special because it’s either we wake up or not sleep at all to watch Bayern. The Philippines is six to seven hours ahead of Europe so their primetime is our wee hours. It sucks yes but it’s worth every second.

Q: I want to sign up for Mia San Manila. What perks do I receive?

A: You may check out the list of benefits of being a fan club member here. Aside from that you have first hand information in all up and coming Mia San Manila activities like viewing parties and even contests. Who knows? In the near future, FC Bayern might want to tap a local fan club to have a meet and greet session with them. Now that’s a real, genuine opportunity not just for you but for the whole Mia San Manila community!

Q: Another thing…do I get a Bayern membership card if I sign up for Mia San Manila?

A: At the moment no we do not get one though it is an area for improvement on FC Bayern Munich’s end that for every registered member they can at least provide a card. To add, paying members are the ones who receive free membership cards. If interested you may check the details here.